We help leaders in groundbreaking organizations tell captivating stories that attract top talent and increase funding.

Unleash the authentic voice of your company.

Over the past decade, we’ve helped our clients publish thousands of articles in business and industry publications, and amplified their voices with tens of thousands of social media posts. 

Our proven Story as a Service method empowers executives and subject matter experts to create journalist-quality professional stories in under an hour. 

We help you find your voice and establish your brand platform on social channels. We partner with you to maintain a steady social presence and keep you involved in the ongoing conversation.


Raise your voice.
Speak directly to your market.

We work with emerging companies and leaders to establish authority and trust in the marketplace by making it easy for executives and subject matter experts to share their insights and tell real human stories. Employees are inspired to share these stories with their social media networks. Prospective employees want to join the mission. Funders have the transparency they need to invest with confidence.


  • Your offering is unique, but you sound just like your competition
  • You need credibility to compete against industry giants
  • Persuasion beyond ROI is required
  • Traditional PR isn’t working
  • Your best insights are gated and buried in boring whitepapers
  • You want to inspire employees to evangelize on social media
  • You don’t have time to write or post
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“Lynn was responsible for developing and executing the comms strategy to raise the visibility of Nvoicepay which directly impacted our sales pipeline, fundraising rounds, and eventual acquisition. She is a pro when dealing with executive stakeholders and has her finger on the pulse of the market and the customer voice. Lynn created our executive thought leadership program and a culture of social sharing. She’s an excellent collaborator with marketing, sales, and executive teams.”

Kim Pendergrass, MBA student; formerly Head of Marketing at Nvoicepay

“Together we wrote amazing articles that to this day are getting many reads on social media sites. I would highly recommend her to drive your executive communications to the next level, she did mine.”

David Hearn, CEO/Founder and Chief Procurement Advisor, CPO Advisement Services

“I’ve worked with Lynn since 2011, across a number of roles, companies and even continents. Over the course of this journey, Lynn has helped me find my voice, coached me through the process of becoming an evangelist and even worked on improving my writing skills. She helped me set up social selling in Asia when, including coming over to Singapore, hosting workshops and running the Social Media Lounge before this was even a “thing”. Through this entire journey, she has helped ensure that I remain authentic and genuine and has helped so many others on my team do the same.”

Kurt Bilafer, CRO & CMO, Banzai

“A mistress of words” would almost describe Lynn but it wouldn´t even remotely describe the skill and intelligence she shows in everything she does nor would it do her vast experience enough justice. It is very rare that someone neutral can grasp the complexity and scope of the content I provided to her at such an incredible speed and turn it into something meaningful and entertaining. Unlike translators who often speak the language but don´t understand the meaning of the words, Lynn caught both aspects superbly in everything she produced for me. I think at one point she was responsible for me finding my own job interesting again – simply because of the way she wrote about it.”

Markus Hornburg, Vice President Global Compliance, Coupa Software

“Few writers have Lynn’s ability to extract compelling content from executives and deliver great stories along with related and compelling ideas to expand a topic or theme. I had the good fortune of working with her to increase the quality of our thought leadership content. I was particularly impressed by Lynn’s ability to handle strong personalities—effortlessly. That, combined with a journalist approach to research/ preparation, is what sets her apart.”

Bret Blount, Advisor and Brand Strategist; formerly Director of Communications at Sift Science

“Can’t we just take something that Lynn wrote and make it more boring and corporate?”

Anonymous Marketer