Social Media Managment

Full time social media without the full time headcount.


Never worry about what, when or how to post again.

Social media offers you an opportunity to speak directly to your audience 24/7. But capitalizing on it takes time every day–the very thing that growing organizations don’t have enough of.

We take on that daily effort for organizations and the individuals that lead them.

Corporate social media management

Starting at $6,000/month

We create social messaging for all your important updates and amplify your content marketing. We connect with your community and build your social following.

We use tools to automate and scale social posting, and a human touch to engage authentically with your audience.

Executive social media management

Starting at $3,000/month

Using our “Bullseye” methodology, we work with executives to craft their authentic social presence. We blend their unique ideas and interests with their enthusiasm for your organization. We learn their voice and do the manual work of posting on their behalf.

Employee social media training

Starting at $6,000/month

We train small groups on how to methodically build a professional social presence they can feel proud of–one that aligns with their personal interests, professional expertise and belief in your company.